HEADSHOTS | Updated Headshots for Debbee & Sue

On Friday, July 18th I met two ladies who practiced Shaman and were in need of updated head shots for their marketing materials. Shaman {in case you didn’t know} “is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.” Both were referred by one of our current clients: Cynthia Sprague. Thank you Cynthia!

Sue Angelo of Shamanic Spirit Song. Taken from her website: “Shamanic Spirit Song Method is a combination of song, words, tones, drumming, rattling, and other nature sounds used to balance the clients’ sense of self. Shamanic Spirit Song Method brings up emotions in a safe, loving environment allowing them to be cleared. In clearing these stuck emotions, you free yourself up to move forward in your life. A shamanic healing will soothe your senses, expand your spirit, and access your inner knowing. Susan Angelo developed this method over the past 5 years blending her natural intuitive gifts with her training as an energy practitioner. She is a graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and a certified Reiki Master.”

Debbee Radcliff RMT, ALM is a Special Educator, Shaman. She also is a IET Master Teacher, Indigo Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.


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