From documenting your pregnancy with a maternity session to the birth of your baby; to anniversary parties, multi-generational family photo sessions, high-school portraits and more—special family events fill your lives and make up an important chapter of your family story. We understand these moments are truly personal—and as you kindly invite us into these moments, our focus is to comfortably and naturally capture these memories that will last a lifetime and become part of your heirloom. Contact us to discuss your portrait session.

“Anyone can take a picture.  Anyone can buy an expensive camera, hack their way through editing software, and turn out a picture. What Nicole Gesmondi accomplishes is far from just a picture. The beauty of her craft is that words are unable, and unnecessary, to describe it. The photographs she takes – and memories she preserves – speak for themselves.”
Nikki Graziano

Nicole photographed my daughters baptism. She was punctual, professional and so kind. She was extremely patient with my daughter (who cried during all the pictures after the ceremony!) Nicole had so many different tricks to try so that the baby wasn’t screaming in every picture. I have to add that this was the first family event since the passing away of my mom. Nicole was able to capture several family photos that show family members faces once again filled with joy and love after so much sadness. The photos Nicole took will forever be kept near to my heart as they are a reminder of the love we share as a family.”
Allison Sgambato

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