COMMERCIAL | “Express Yourself in a Snap”

February 2014   |   Danecraft, Inc

For the past few weeks I have been working with the ladies at Danecraft, Inc on a new line of jewelry they are considering taking on. It’s called Snap Shots and its very similar to Ginger Snaps {makes me think of cookies} but its a pretty cool concept. It’s basically an affordable way to interchange jewelry. You can mix and match with a variety of snaps to create your own look. Besides jewelry, the snaps can be used on handbags, sandals and jackets. The Danecraft ladies came up with the tagline: “Express Yourself in a Snap!” to help explain what the pieces are.

It was a rather large task as I had to take the product, research it and photograph it in such a way that they could use the photos to market the product {think display units, packaging and promo pieces}. First we determined who their target client was considering their age and lifestyle. Next, I worked closely with their merchandizer who helped categorized the product based on those lifestyle themes. Nautical, safari, rustic, religion, bling and celestial were the top ones that came to mind.

This was a neat product to work on because I was on board from basically the start to the finish. Plus I was able to see my photos transformed from the initial image all the way to the display unit.

They ended up not taking on the new line at the time because Danecraft’s client is older than the type of client this product would be attracting so they decided to hold off for now.

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