ENGAGEMENT | Boston Love: Dual Perspectives on Abi & Larissa’s Engagement Shoot

same sex Boston engagement sessionRecently, we had the honor of photographing Abi + Larissa in Boston at their favorite places with their favorite things to celebrate their engagement, and it was a blast! In fact, it was such a great experience we decided to share both our perspectives on the whole engagement shoot process, with feedback from us and them with some pro-tips peppered in between! Read on for all the details and adorable photos!

How long is your engagement?
A+L: Our engagement lasts for two years, we are getting married in April 2020!

When should couples get engagement photos?
N+P: Consider engagement length, desired location and season when booking!
Protip: If you want save-the-dates with the photos, your session should be 6 months before your wedding.

How did you choose the location for your engagement session?
A+L: We love Boston. That is our new home and where our life has taken us, so it was the obvious choice!

How did you help Abi & Larissa choose their location?
N+P: They knew they wanted Boston and we loved the idea, so we met them at the station and took the train together!
Protip: Not every shot needs a pose, candid photos reflect your true love and couple style.

What was your experience working with Nicole + Paul?
A+L: The experience has been great so far! We had such a wonderful time roaming around Boston and taking photos…especially with our puppy, Golda!

What was your experience working with Abi + Larissa?
N+P: They knew what they wanted but were also open to suggestions and ideas. They are a lot of fun – we laughed a lot and the conversation never stopped!
Protip: Keep a few locations in mind that mean something to you, like romantic spots you love!

What is your advice to couples who are on the fence about doing an engagement session?
Do it! It is a lot of fun and you can take photos whenever and however you would like!

What is your advice to couples who are on the fence about doing an engagement session?
N+P: It is worth it! It is a nice opportunity to have professional photos outside of your wedding photos!
Protip: Include what matters to you, and have some fun being yourselves!

Any advice for couples looking to hire a photographer?
A+L: Look for what they offer and read reviews, like on the Knot.com. Also, we highly recommend you go by word of mouth. Everyone we have hired is someone we know or who has done previous engagements.

Any advice for couples looking to hire a wedding photographer?
N+P: Do your research and make sure you not only like their price point but LOVE their finished product. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy their company – that’s when the photography magic happens!
Protip: If you hire the same photographer for your wedding, the engagement shoot is perfect for getting to know each other!

What was your favorite part of the engagement session?

What was your favorite part of the engagement session?

If you are inspired to do an engagement session, we would love to hear from you! We are always open to travel and unique or sentimental ideas. Where will we go to photograph and celebrate your love?


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