ENGAGEMENT | Colt State Park Engagement Session with Russ and Kelly

Russ and Kelly are planning their October wedding this fall at Cafe Nuovo which happens to be one of our favorite restaurants. Not being from the area, Russ and Kelly felt it was important to reserve a photographer who was familiar with the area. Enter: Nicole and Paul from Nicole Gesmondi Photographer, LLC. We suggested Colt State Park for Russ and Kelly’s May engagement session. It’s the perfect spot to capture some greenery and the water without having to travel to multiple locations!

We had a lot of fun learning about Russ and Kelly and are looking forward to their wedding in a few months. Below are some Q & A’s we asked them about wedding planning along with some photos of their session.

Russ and Kelly ordered a guest sign in book from us – be sure to check it out at their wedding!

colt state park engagement session

Bride’s Occupation: Professor chemical engineering, which entails teaches classes and running a research group focused on biomaterials

Groom’s Occupation: Future physician assistant. Russ started school full time at Quinnipiac University in May.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?
A: We like to run and play sports. Russ also likes to cook, which is great because Kelly hates to cook but likes to eat.

Q: How did you two meet?
A: We met through mutual friends at Russ’s cousin’s girlfriend’s birthday party. Russ overheard Kelly talking about science and couldn’t resist coming over to talk to her.

Q: How did Russ propose?
A: Kelly really likes penguins so Russ got tickets to meet and pet a penguin at the Mystic Aquarium. After the session where we got to meet Red-Blue the penguin, Russ was hanging back with the penguin while Kelly was getting ready to leave the room. In hindsight, this was weird but she promptly forgot about that when the Aquarium team let us have a few more minutes with the penguin. Russ got down on one knee and pulled out a diamond and Kelly was so surprised she fell over. Red-Blue did not seem phased by Kelly freaking out at all.

Q: What did you learn during your engagement session that will be helpful on your wedding day?
A: We learned that we are terribly awkward at dipping while kissing, which is great because now we have time to practice before the big day! On the more serious side, it was really fun getting to know Nicole and Paul more and we think it has helped us be more comfortable getting our pictures taken.

Q: What did you like about our work that made you want to book us as your wedding photographers?
A: We saw a bunch of your work online and we loved the different types of photos that you do. Plus, we thought it  was awesome to be able to work with people that know Rhode Island so well because this is where we’re having our reception.

Q: How did you hear about us?
A: We found you recommended on theknot.com and on Google.

Q: What is your favorite part of wedding planning so far?
A: For Kelly, it was really fun trying on dresses. Everyone else would say that their favorite part was the cake tasting session!

Q: What is your least favorite part of wedding planning so far?
A: Too many options and decisions…Pinterest is not our friend!

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Photographer in action
Photographer in action

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