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Wedding Trend Alert: Cake or Pie?! Consider swapping out the wedding cake for a wedding pie! Perfect for couples who do not like cake or for those having a fall wedding and want something unique. But let’s back track a bit first….

In February, I attended a Speed Networking event hosted by the Rhode Island Wedding Group at ProvidenceG. It was awesome to meet a bunch of local wedding professionals in a speed dating type of setting. Daniel Sheehan, owner of Humble Pie Providence, was one of these fabulous wedding professionals. We met with him at his kitchen to learn more about his business and these fabulous pies!

Q: Tell us about yourself
A: Hmmm, I have a weakness all things carbohydrate. I admire good simple design. I find physical labor very peaceful. I love discovering inherent beauty. I am magnetically drawn to karaoke microphones.

Q: How did the Humble Pie Company start?
We began with the idea that a bakery, like any great restaurant, should support local agriculture. So we started baking pie with local fruits and vegetables and found ourselves selling a lot of pies at the farmers market during the 2013 holiday season.

Q: What types of events to you bake for?
Oh boy. We are now at a number of farmers markets around the state, like five. Our mini pies are in a growing number of cafes. And weddings. Our first day of business at the farmers market a couple tried our pie and asked us if we would be interested in doing their wedding. That is the most rapidly growing side of our business.

Q: do you provide a tasting? If so, what can couples expect at a tasting?
We provide a complimentary tasting for all clients that are interested in having us as a part of their wedding. Fresh baked whole pies provide a physical example of what will be on your dessert table. We provide you with a selection of smaller bites with flavors that are in season at the time of your wedding…as well as any special flavors you request. Any leavings (of which there is usually plenty) are for you to take home.

Q: What makes you different from other bakeries?
I think our commitment to the local food system. We spend a lot of time developing recipes that highlight the flavors and seasons of Rhode Island farms. Also, because of the nature of our pastry and ingredients, we serve everything freshly baked.

Q: Who is your client?
This is interesting. The folks that consider pie at their weddings tend to be my kind of people. Very easy-going and down to earth. They make my job easy because I want to make em happy. Their weddings tend to have these great personal touches that I admire.

Q: What is your most popular pie flavor?
All our flavors change with the harvest calendar. So the popularity changes with the seasons! Right now, Maple S’more is the hit. Meringue made with real maple syrup, bittersweet chocolate ganache, and a hazelnut crust. To my surprise, our quiches have really become a big hit. Haven’t made one for a wedding yet, but they are super popular at farmers markets.

Q: What is the most unique pie request you have had?
Nothing out of the ordinary yet. I’m looking for a challenge.

Q: What is your favorite pie flavor?
A plum tart with a nice light almond cream

Q: Why does couples order pie vs a cake? Do couples “cut the pie”?
They sure do. I think there are a few reasons. First, couples may want something more that the limited range of flavors and textures that cake offers. Second, folks may be philosophically committed, as we are, to their home here in Rhode Island and want to support the local agricultural economy. Third, pie is a menu choice that wedding guests will remember, not because it is good, but because it is different.

Q: Do you offer mini pies as a favor?
Yup, all our pies can be served as individual mini pies or whole pies that may be sliced to order.

Q: How far in advance to couples book your services?
As far ahead as they need to! That said, we are pretty good at accommodating orders as close to a month in advance of the big date.

Q: Is there anything else we should know?
Don’t ask me to attend your wedding. I usually cry.

For more information about Humble Pie Providence or to contact them about your upcoming event. Be sure to let them know you read about them on our blog!
Daniel Sheehan  “Delicious, Honest Pies”

Daniel Sheehan owner of Humble Pie Pvd
Daniel Sheehan owner of Humble Pie Pvd


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