FINE ART | Featured on RedBubble's blog! 11.27.13

Awesome news! We just received an email that one of our photos is featured on the RedBubble blog “How To make Lightleaks in Photoshop”! How exciting!

We LOVE shooting with film. In fact, it’s become an obsession. We have a full refrigerator in our garage filled with expired Polaroid, 120mm, 35mm and even 110mm film & slide film! If you find any laying around that you do not want, please send it our way! To us, the older the film, the better 🙂

Image specs:
Camera: Holga
Film: Fujicolor Reala ISO 100
Processed: C-41 cross-processed as E-6


I am a HUGE fan of cross-processing but usually I prefer to take E-6 slide film and cross-process it as C-41. The cross-process usually makes the colors super saturated. This particular roll of film was a test roll, as I wanted to see what it would look like the other way around. Not too bad!


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