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I first met Alicia Vanasse, owner of Vanasse Media, LLC in 2012 when she contact us to photograph a few headshots for her new business venture. In the past three years, we have become her go-to providing business portraits for her clients. Last month, she contacted us in need of some fun and creative business portraits for her new website and branding. She came in with her own ideas and we made some suggestions along the way.

Read our interview with Alicia below.

Vanasse Media, LLC “Get Talked About”

Tell us about yourself and your business
Two years ago, I started a boutique social media and public relations company with the goal of giving clients a personal approach to media. Our team has had success, learned an immense amount about the business side of media and is growing each day.

Who is your client?
We work with small business, political, hospitality and corporate clients. The mission is to generate success for clients using unique social media, public relations, and cutting edge branding techniques.

What types of services do you offer?
We offer a number of cost-effective public relations and social media services that propel the name and brand of clients. Our services include Social Media Management, Social Media Ad Campaigns, Content Creation, Media Relations, Press Collateral, Blog & Influencer Management, just to name a few. Clients select services, then our team creates and executes a customized media plan.


How can you help small businesses?
Our team ensures the reputation of small businesses and then promotes clients through a variety of social and traditional media practices. The goal is to provide media consulting services to clients that increase ROI, improves business performance and builds brands.

What is trending is social media and on the web?
The basics of what is trending: video (Facebook Video News in your feed), Video – micro-blogging (Vine,), and Instagram. How do you know what to post each day?

To stay on top of the latest news and information, I devotedly read theSkimm every day. (www.theskimm.com) Each morning theSkimm emails me a cliff notes version of what is happening in the world. Topics include the quote of the day, things to know, water cooler talk, and what to say at a family dinner. TheSkimm keeps me up-to-date on what is trending.

Any free tips you can offer small businesses for social media?
A: Be Real! Scheduling social media posts saves times, but you still need to show the spontaneous, natural moments that take place in your business each day. People want to see what is happening behind the scenes, not what is just what is crafted for public consummation. Be Real! Be Spontaneous! Have Fun!

How do you differ from your competitors?
Accessibility! We differ from competitors because we take a personal approach to client management. We are available to clients by cell phone, email, and text message. We have meetings in your office, at the local coffee shop or via Skype. We work with clients to make working with us, easy. Media can be stressful and intimating, we make media, easy for clients.

To contact Alicia and how she can help your business:

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Owner Alicia Vanasse

Alicia Vanasse
Vanasse Media, LLC



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