HEADSHOTS | From Selfie to Professional Headshot

Many of our clients at some point started with a selfie as their headshot – whether it was something quick to update their LinkedIn profile or the office already had professional headshots done and they needed a headshot ASAP. Selfies are great for social media sites but not ideal for attracting clients and putting yourself in front of potential clients hoping to attract business.

bad headshot
Larry’s selfie

Meet Larry. The above photo is the photo he was using for his headshot on LinkedIn. Not really friendly or approachable looking. The below image shows the before and after of Larry’s new headshot. The “before” was the image straight out of the camera. The “after” was the final finished retouched image. All of our headshots are retouched to brighten the eyes, teeth and lips, as well as smooth out skin tones and provide a clean backdrop.

“before” and “after”

The following image shows how the client receives the image. We always send our headshot clients 3 versions of the same image. In the below photo, the first image was the original “straight out of the camera”, the second image was the retouched image {no cropping}, the third is a cropped version ideal for marketing materials while the last is square sized for social media sites such as LinkedIn.

L to R: original, retouched, cropped & social sized. All the client has to do is upload!

Are you interested in having an updated business headshot taken for you or your staff? If so, please contact us and be sure to ask about our group discounts!


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