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It’s never a happy moment when you need to make the decision to put your pet to sleep. For one Massachusetts family, they knew they wanted a photo keepsake before putting their beloved beagle to sleep. Bessie, their Beagle, was diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma in her Bladder near the entrance to her ureter. She was given 3-6 months to live when she was diagnosed, but they were lucky enough to have her for 8 more happy months!

Mike and Abby were living in Shanghai, China, and had spoken a few times about both loving dogs, and how they’d both never gotten to raise one themselves. Well, a few days later before Abby’s birthday, Mike can home with Bessie! Mike adopted bessie from a family who could no longer care for her. Little did bessie know she was entering a family who would love her for the rest of her life.

When asked why it was so important for them to document this point in time they said, “Our sweet doggy, Bessie, was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer, and we knew we only had so much time with her. We wanted to capture some of our last memories with her while she was still happy and feeling healthy. She was an important member of our family, and we wanted to remember her for as long as we live.”  So we decided to meet them at Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI for a quick session. After wards we headed to the studio for some indoor photos.

Timing is everything. Two days later, Bessie wasn’t acting like herself. They took her to the vet and decided to put her down at that moment.

A week later, they received a surprise canvas wrap of their favorite image from their session. They said, “Bessie was a very snuggly dog, so our favorite photos from the session were the ones where we were both holding Bessie and giving her kisses. We also like the photos of Bessie with her doggy friend, Shea.”

client appreciation gifts for dog photos
Surprise canvas wraps mailed to client.

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